You never receive what you can’t handle

Happy New Year

Hope this message finds you all well. Did you enjoy your holidays? Did you have to work or were you able to enjoy your time off with loved ones? Whatever you choose to do hope it will be everlasting throughout the end of one season and into another. Tell me what you were up to and if anything exciting happened during your break.

My holiday felt really up and down I had a wonderful start to the break. Everything seemed a little to good to be true as we all know how that feels. I went to the gym right up until Christmas Eve. I believe I went 6 out 7 days to finish the year. I felt really good and excited for the events leading up to Christmas and New Year. Mother nature really hit some of us harder than others during the break. Up to 20-30 cm in some parts than areas got hit with freezing rain, knocked down power lines, caused havoc all over the roads. If that wasn’t enough we also got a really cold-snap. Mother nature cold arctic hit some cities here colder than the North and South poles. Some cities here were some of the coldest temperatures they had ever reached. Even through all that plans changed, days changed, life moves forward. You find something else to plan or you just stay indoors if you have to and enjoy the time with loved ones. A few of our plans changed over the break and then….

New Years Eve we find that my grandmother is in the hospital. She was rushed into hospital around 3 a.m. from her assisted living home. Everything goes from your control to out of control and you feel like there is nothing you can do. You leave it to the higher powers and just hope for the best. She ended up getting a CT scan on her foot as her foot was cold and discolored. Thank to goodness she wasn’t in any pain but their was no blood getting to her foot. All her veins were cut-off to her right foot and the foot was basically dying. Because of her age there isn’t much they could do but admit her and give her an IV. For the most part she is pretty healthy aside from a brain injury that occurred 5 years ago. She suffers from dementia and can’t walk anymore from a deteriorating hip that was never fixed before the accident. She is tough as nails though her entire family is as well and I am assured that is where I get my toughness and strong headed-ness from haha. The doctors give her shots now everyday to control the blood flow but their isn’t much that can be done other than what they are able to do now. I spent a lot of time with my grandmother both during and after my grandfather passing away at an early age. We were both there for each other when we needed somebody the most. Obviously I was still pretty young and I may not be able to be there emotionally for my grandmother but I was there. At the same time for me I couldn’t even begin to explain the emotional damage that I was going through at that time to even explain to anybody what I was going through. But she was there for me when ever I needed her. I took the news pretty hard and could only think of the worse possible outcome. I knew it wasn’t good and the fact that the doctors had no cure just added more to her list that this beautiful lady never deserved. Nobody ever deserves much of the bad things they recieve in life but it always comes down to how you handle the situation.

The universe never gives us what we can’t handle

The good news is I believe she will be released today. The nurses at the home will contiunue to give her the shots to lower the blood count but at least she can go home. I love her with all my heart she is a second mother to me. We have shared so many great memories together. Even if it can’t be like it use to be at least I am still here for her and she is still here for me. Just like how it has always been and always will be.

Love you Nanny xoxox





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