Hardest Part

It is difficult to come to terms when your life won’t give you what you are asking of it. It feels as if it is so far out of reach that everyone around you has a better chance of grasping what they desire before you. Why is that? Did they find that genie in a bottle somewhere out in the barren desert? Do they deserve it more than you? Why does it feel like it is far to overwhelming and you will never be happy and get what you desire in your life? Maybe even you feel they deserve it more then you.

However you feel in that moment, it is usually your thoughts that will catapult your believes and make you feel that it appears further from the truth. We have all had similar situations in life where we believed this was true. We all believed that somehow what we desired we would never be able to achieve for ourselves. We felt as if the harder we worked for it the further away we got to it. There are going to be certain circumstances in our lives that are going to make us feel these kinds of emotions. We don’t know what life has in store for us but we can make life easier by restoring our faith in the process of getting to our desires.

Below is a list to follow to help you succeed and potentially get you to where you want your life to manifest:

Live in the present – looking to the future for something you’re not ready for yet will only discourage your process.

Believe it, see it, feel it – if you believe it, see it and feel it already in your life then it is only a matter of time.

Be thankful – be thankful for what you have now will only help you appreciate how far you have come.

Trust the process – believe that the obstacles along the way will help encourage you to your rightful path.

Focus – Don’t let anybody or anything get in your way, focus your time. If it is your true desire it has no choice but to manifest.

Daily rituals – create/change daily rituals. Most likely if you don’t see progress your daily routines need to be changed.

Hardest Part

I can only speak for myself but at times it can feel like a roller coaster at times. You are holding on trying not to fall off the tracks, holding on with all your strength you go right but it takes you left you go forward but it jerks you back. You have come this far you think it is just around the corner but it feels unbearable and you take a step backwards. Even if you come off the tracks and your wheels are spinning you have the strength, momentum and the ability to pick yourself back up. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, we all need a little support from time to time.

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Love Always,

 Never forget the strength of many to help pick up the strength of a few. 










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