Taking Flight

Hey guys,

This past weekend I turned a passion of mine in to reality. With the help from BC Helicopters in Abbotsford, BC I was able to fly a helicopter for an hour. One of the greatest experience I have been able to experience in my short life. It was an unbelievable experience to be able to fly such a small helicopter. To be exact it was a made by a French company called Guimbal it was a Cabri G2 helicopter. Of course, had some assistance from the flight instructor. I was able to fly in forward flight with the cyclic, hover for a bit using the foot pedals and used the collective to land and raise the helicopter. The winds were a little calm but definitely in certain areas of the valley the wind really picked up. So much so by the end we weren’t able to fly straight anymore but on an angle. I would definitely like to do it again so much so that I would consider taking a flight program in the near future.

Is there anything you wish you could do right now? What are some of your goals in life? Do you feel they are obtainable or you think it will never happen so why try now?

Everybody has their own goals in life they are trying to obtain. I can easily speak for myself that if I had other circumstances that could affect me from being able to accomplish certain aspects of my life. I would think it could potentially be harder to be able to complete. The thing is everybody has circumstances in their life that resist them from accomplishing what they really want in their life. Why do that to yourself if that is what you want in your life? I believe we always need to have something to strive towards if it isn’t a goal of yours then it should be something. Our minds are wired to learn and if you aren’t learning or creating positive presence in your life. Then how do you expect to get out of the situation you continue to create for yourself.

Create a list of goals you wish to strive towards. Exercise on a regular basis to help your mind and body release all the toxins. Say your I am affirmations daily as well as gratefulness thoughts. Take time out of the day for yourself. Read positive books that will help you create the path you wish to pursue. Of course, it is always a good plan to have a mentor or somebody you can look up to. Try to emulate their life skills into your life. They have the experience and knowledge of how to go through different adversity you may come across.

You can always look over my I am affirmations as well as my 100 day challenge to get an idea of what you may want to strive towards. They are all in my previous blogs. I am always here for you when ever you need me. Please feel free to comment below.

Mental health is also huge aspect of my life so don’t forget to raise money for Men’s health in November. Grow your moustache or support somebody efforts. Thanks so much!

Love to you all!



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