Stuck in the name of Life

I missed you guys! It has been awhile since my last blog, my bad! In fact, it has been well over a week since I last blogged. Time seems to be flying by these last few days of August. I don’t want to just type and have no direction. I think it is better to have a purpose to write and I guess for that reason I haven’t been updating recently. Anyways, I am back and it is going to be a beautiful long weekend on the west coast. Last long weekend of the summer hard to believe already. I hope you all enjoy your long or short weekend, however it may be..

Today, I wanted to discuss motivation and empowerment! Have any of you felt stuck recently? Do you feel like you are on the wrong path? Or you’re looking at a “fork in the road” and unsure which path to take? If you are feeling this or not there is one thing for sure your not alone. We have all felt this or feel this way at some point in our lives. I know I am always going through this in my head. Should I do this or that?..What happens if I make a mistake?..This is really something that I like but where do I start? These are all great questions we ask our self’s when we are trying to make a decision. It is our nature to ask questions like these because our mind is their to protect us. So how do you answer these questions or do you actually answer them or just forget about them? I think all of us need somebody to look up to. If it is a celebrity like figure, family member, entrepreneur, artist, or somebody who has been through the path that you wish to take. It can’t be just because this person has a lot of money or he/she is really cute. You have to look up to them for the situation they have overcome or how they got to this impressive fame or success in their life. These are great role models to help you achieve your specific goal that you are trying to obtain. What better way to model your life around somebody who has gone through difficult circumstances. Not only to overcome those circumstances but to thrive on it. You can’t always do it on your own if that is what you are thinking. You need support and help from family, friends that believe in you and believe in the dreams you want to manifest in your life. You really need to take a step back and look to see who is around you in your life. Are they helping you become the person you want to be? If not, then you are going to have to make some choices. You want to be around people who inspire you and encourage you to take the path, less taken.

Taking life one step at a time is how we are all suppose to live our lives. Most people are looking for the end result. They just see the end game and want to get their so bad they stop living in the present and all they see is the future. The most important thing is learning how to get to that end result. Each step you take and lesson you learn is how we get to the end result. You have to get through these steps first before you can even get to the end. The world has become a why me? or why can’t I find love, money in my life. You are asking the wrong questions. You don’t ask the questions you don’t want. You ask the questions that you want. It’s the journey that makes each step worth taking to get to the finish. If everything was so easy then nobody would care or even have to try to get what they desire. Life would be so easy and actually lifeless. Nobody, would have a care in the world cause everybody would get what they wanted. I have a few people I look up to kind of like one in each category. The thing is to listen to people who are different but trying to achieve similar aspirations. So you can get a little better in every area in your life. It’s good to learn from a variety of people, but it can get overwhelming to listen to everybody. Pick a few people to learn from and teach you how to be your true self.

We need to remember the past to teach us the present in order to look forward to the future. But live in the present so you don’t regret the past.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

Love Always!



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