Solar Eclipse of My Heart!

I made it home! Now the fun part of unpacking and sorting. What a great couple of day’s it has been. A lot going on with the amazing Eclipse that just happened over the skies of North America. I know my life is changing for the better so what a great day to start my journey home. On a day in which the moon passes over the sun to almost symbolize a new beginning. A day like that you really need to take a step back and look at everything around you and just take it in.

We are just such a small piece in this world but if we can influence are life, community, family and friends. Who knows of what the impact it can have on the rest of the world. Every success in your life can catapult you into providing success in the world! Each path that is given to us is to help create the life we are all meant to live. If it is negative or positive it always will have the same effect. We are humans and we grow from each situation. It’s recognizing these situations that will help you get on the right track faster. We always want good things to happen to us without having to work for it, but it’s the work that brings are greatest blessings.

Today, is a short blog but I wanted to just sit down and write. I find it helps me sort through a lot in my life. I have so much conversing in my brain going on, it was getting hard to distinguish what truly was my voice speaking to me. If you have the same scenario going on in your life I suggest you start writing. You can start just by writing in a journal or just writing your thoughts that come to mind. Write them down and see where it can lead you. I know it can’t hurt and whatever you write is how you truly are thinking and feeling right at that moment. It can help you solve a problem or if you are unsure of a path. It can help you see which path is yours and which one is not.

Hope everybody is having a great Tuesday! If there is anything you would like to discuss please let me know. Feel free to comment and follow me on my social media. Thanks for listening. Hope to hear from you soon!

Love Always,

Solace Sport


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