Things I am most grateful for in my life. As the year comes to an end it is a good chance for you to look back on the year. Assuming you have had good times and bad times the best thing to do is continue to look to the things in your life that your... Continue Reading →


This is why I need you

I have too many questions, and places to go There are too many options, far too many unknowns This is why I need you Everyone talks now, but no one is right there are too many armies, with no one to fight This is why I need you Cause you make the darkness less dark... Continue Reading →

26 Days

The busy season is once again upon us we feel there is not enough hours in the day to get the shopping, work, activities, parties and so on done. Literally depending on where you live it may feel this way. With winter just weeks away and seeing less and less of the sun it seems... Continue Reading →

50 ways to live your life

1.) Have a firm handshake. 2.) Look people in the eye. 3.) Sing in the shower. 4.) Own great music system. 5.) If in a fight, hit first and hit hard. 6.) Keep secrets. 7.) Never give up on anybody. Miracles happen everyday. 8.) Always accept a outstretched hand. 9.) Be brave. Even if you're... Continue Reading →

Where’s My Love?

Cold bones, yeah that's my love She hides away, like a ghost Does she know that we bleed the same? Don't wanna cry but I break that way Cold sheets, but where's my love? I am searching high, I'm searching low in the night Does she know that we bleed the same? Don't wanna cry... Continue Reading →

Hardest Part

It is difficult to come to terms when your life won't give you what you are asking of it. It feels as if it is so far out of reach that everyone around you has a better chance of grasping what they desire before you. Why is that? Did they find that genie in a... Continue Reading →

Taking Flight

Hey guys, This past weekend I turned a passion of mine in to reality. With the help from BC Helicopters in Abbotsford, BC I was able to fly a helicopter for an hour. One of the greatest experience I have been able to experience in my short life. It was an unbelievable experience to be... Continue Reading →


If you don't believe who will? If you don't believe who will believe in yourself? If you don't believe how can you change a bad situation into a good situation? If you don't believe how will you manifest your goals into reality?   We can change the way we feel in a heart beat never... Continue Reading →

Another Day

You gave my life so many highs, With far too many lows, I thought all along you were the one, I should have known we were on the road to done, We both found each other on our bumpy road As if we already chose this path, Chorus ooohhh you're in my head,   I... Continue Reading →

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